Town of Cortlandt Traffic Mitigation Special Permit (TMSP)

New Traffic Strategies for Cortlandt, NY

AKRF developed a Traffic Mitigation Special Permit (TMSP) for the Town of Cortlandt to help address traffic and transportation issues.

AKRF examined the traffic, circulation, and quality of life impacts of growth along the Town's three main traffic corridors (Route 6, Route 202/35, and Route 9A). We provided a performance-based approach to traffic and access management associated with new development and the redevelopment of properties in zoning districts abutting the traffic corridors.

The purposes of the Traffic Mitigation Special Permit (TMSP) include:

  • Regulating the allowable uses and the arrangement and intensity of uses on a given parcel based on traffic-generated impacts relative to the Town's traffic management goals.
  • Enhancing site design and access management to improve safety and traffic and pedestrian flow.
  • Making roadway improvements to accommodate the goals and objectives of the Town’s Master Plan and the TMSP Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS).
  • Implementing land use and zoning policies to promote more measured and manageable traffic growth.
New Traffic Strategies for Cortlandt


New Traffic Strategies for Cortlandt


Cortlandt, NY


Town of Cortlandt, NY